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Welcoming new faces to team CreativityKills

Team CreativityKills gets an update.

In a bid to bring better service quality to our clients, we have once again expanded our work force. Not by much though. We now have two additions to team CreativityKills. You may have spotted their photos already on the team section, but today we’re proud to officially introduce Sharon Odumodu and Tobi Morakinyo to you.

Sharon Odumodu

Sharon is our sales pitcher. She handles sending proposals and sales calls to potential clients. Basically, if you hear a call saying “Hi, I’m Sharon from CreativityKills, I would like to interest you in…” then best believe you are on to Sharon.

She is good at what she does and she is an invaluable asset. And oh, yeah, she’s also very pretty.

Tobi Morakinyo

Our social media manager of sorts. He is mostly on our Twitter page and Facebook page handling queries and tweeting stuff about pretty much anything. He also handles social media of some of our other projects like FlashDP.

We are hard at work trying to build our team and improve the quality of service we provide. That said, if we sound like the kind of company you can see yourself at, you could contact us.

We’re always changing and growing and new vacancies are always popping up. If there’s nothing there for you now, then send us in your CV anyway and we’ll keep hold of it – don’t be a stranger!

Thanks for saying hi!

You can also keep tabs on us by liking our social media pages. Thanks.

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